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FEB TOUCH FASHION a Bangladeshi clothing manufacturer, is leading supplier of readymade garments and denim fabric in the world. We are one of the top clothing companies in Bangladesh. The company produces some of the most fashionable denim fabrics and garment products and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh.

FEB TOUCH FASHION has earned name and fame both at home and abroad as one of the top clothing companies in Bangladesh. The continuous growth of this group is moving forward hand on hand with the industrialization of the home country Bangladesh. Moreover we as a Bangladeshi clothing manufacturer have been contributing immensely in the financial growth of the nation.

FEB TOUCH FASHION one of the top clothing companies in Bangladesh exporting to USA and Europe for a long time. Because of our successful history with the world leading customers and buyers, we are the most valued and well reputed Bangladeshi clothing manufacturer.

Company produces 1 million pcs of woven garments per month with the assortment of infant to adult in men and women. Today FEB TOUCH FASHION employs around 9,000 workers. Its overseas office in Hong and China gives fastest support in procurement of fabric and accessories. Own C & F office in every Bangladeshi port gives privilege of quick clearing and forwarding support.

FEB TOUCH FASHION will make all types of knit products,woven iteam,woolen item like tops & bottoms for man, women children, Padding Clothing Sweater/Jacket,Polar Fleece Clothing Sweater/Jacket,Flannel Shirts ,Terry Clothing Trousers, Terry Clothing Sweater/Jacket.

FEB TOUCH FASHION strives to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service and scale of operation. We are focused on using innovative processes, technologies & materials to manufacture the finest products at a reasonable cost. By being responsive to our customers requirements and anticipating changes in market trends, we hope to provide a superior level of service than our competitors. We are committed to the success of all the partners that we work with and try best to accommodate their needs. Finally, we believe that our employees are our greatest assets and invest in their welfare and development during and beyond the time that they work for us

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